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Fitness Tools

For you, the sky is the limit...

Getting the most out of life – that’s what each of us wants for ourselves, our families and our friends. Your health and fitness – both body and mind – are more important to this goal than all other factors combined.

Your work life, your leisure life, your family life and your love life all depend greatly on your body’s ability to function and perform, your mind’s alertness and memory, and of course, your ability to resist injury, sickness and disease.

With the exception of your genetic makeup - the most important determinants of your health and fitness are nutrition and exercise. After more than 35 years working with the world’s leading sports scientists, physicians, therapists, trainers and athletes, Cybex has learned a lot about both. Our greatest passion... what we have devoted ourselves to... is exercise. We want to help you to maximize the potential of your workout and fitness lifestyle by giving you all of the tools for success. We believe that the possibilities for you are endless.